1972 - 1973 Season Reports

1972 - 1973 Season

The Fylde Coast Cricket Society held it's first meeting on November 8th 1972 and the guest speaker on this occassion was Donald Wilson of Yorkshire CCC and England. In fact Don was to return to the Society on 3rd Novmber 1978 and again on 7th December 1995. Don assisited Society Speaker Secretary Doug Wilks in providing coaching for his juniors from St Annes and the Fylde at Ampleforth College until ill health forced him into retirement.

The second meeting was held on 6th December 1972 and the guest speaker on this occassion was local cricketer Alan Wharton of Lancashire, Leicestershire, the MCC and England. Like Don Wilson, Alan was to make a couple of further appearances, the second being on the 27th February 1975 and his final appearance at the dinner of the 23rd January 1985. Alan sadly passed away on 26th August 1993.

The third guest speaker at the meeting held on 19th January 1973 was Nico Craven who is a sports historian and writer who continues to write books on cricket and rugby.

Don Mosey the renowned journalist and BBC radio producer was the speaker for the fourth meeting held on 16th February 1973. Don Mosey who frequently styled himself the "Cock o' the North" - a seemingly apt title during his 20 years as BBC Radio Outside Broadcasts producer in the North of England in later years went on to commentate on Test Match Special alongside Brian Johnston.

The final speaker of the first season of meetings was Arthur Booth of Yorkshire CCC.

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